Player of the Week: Melanie Arenas



(DONNA) – Melanie Arenas, a senior at Donna High School, has been selected as the Player of the Week for the week of October 31st through November 5th.

Arenas ended her volleyball career on a high note as she had the game of the ages last Tuesday night in the Class 5A Bi-District playoffs against Sharyland Pioneer. Arenas played her heart out as she ended the night with 28 kills, 26 digs, two aces and four blocks while leading her team to a hard fought five-set contest.

Unfortunately, the Bravettes season came to an end and Arenas saw her illustrious career come to an end as well.

But, Arenas will be remembered for a very long time as she set a record breaking 921 kills while playing at Donna High.

Arenas sat down with RedskinsSports.US sports reporter Claire Marichalar and had a Q & A session.

CM:  First of all, congratulations on being named the Player of the Week. How does it feel to receive an accomplishment like this?

MA: It feels great because I’ve always wanted this, I’ve worked extremely hard, day in and out and it feels good to be recognized. Thank you so much for this honor.

CM: What is something you like to eat before a game?

MA: I like to eat tuna sandwiches. My mom thinks it’s really healthy for me and she always makes them. So I eat them all the time.

CM: What about before a game? Is there a tradition that you do?

MA: I have to talk to the girls first because it calms my nerves and it helps calm theirs too. Also, I listen to music to get focused.

CM: What is something you like to do besides playing volleyball?

MA: I like to run. It’s really weird. But when I have really bad days and games at night, I’ll just go out and run and it makes everything so much better. I love it.

CM: What do you tell some of these young girls that look up to you?

MA: I always tell them to put in a lot of hard work each and every day and don’t give up. Always push yourself. There is this one girl in particular that looks up to me a lot and I make sure I push her everyday because I want her to be better than me.

CM: Who is one person you want to make proud?

MA: Oh that’s my parents. They’ve always been there for me at each game and have pushed me everyday to be better. I promised them that I would get a scholarship because they aren’t able to pay for my college and it would mean the world if everything came together.

CM: Do you have a scholarship offer?

MA: Yes, everything looks good at this point.