Player of the Week: Jonathan Del Bosque



(DONNA) — Jonathan Del Bosque is a sophomore at Donna High and a very talented golf player. At last weekend’s tournament in Brownsville, he placed 12th with a total score of 194. Del Bosque was named our Player of the Week for the week of November 14th through November 20th.

Del Bosque sat down with sports reporter Claire Marichalar for a question and answer session.

CM: First of all, congratulations on being named Player of the Week. How does it feel?

JDB: It feels great. I’ve been working really hard and it feels amazing that it’s being recognized.

CM: Before a big tournament, what is one thing you like to eat?

JDB: I love breakfast from Whataburger. I just need something from there before a tournament. I always do for some reason.

CM: So your coach says that all of your team helps each other out a lot. Tell me a little bit about your brotherhood?

ADB: We encourage each other a lot and make sure none of us gives up. It’s great that we all lean on each other and if any of us ever needs help, we’re there for each other all the time.

CM: Since the first part of your season ended last week in Brownsville. What are your expectations for next part of your season?

ADB: My expectation is just for my team to get better and hit lower scores, I want everyone on the team to excel and be much better than what we’ve been right now and I’m just excited.

CM: Your coach says you’re the leader of the team. How much pressure is that on you?

ADB: It’s not as much as I thought. Of course, I want to be a really good leader. But I just go out there and play and make sure my team is working hard and that everyone is fine. I tend not to think too much about it.

CM: What is something you like to do besides golf?

ADB: I actually like to play football and baseball. I enjoy that a lot. If I’m not on the course, I’m pretty much doing that.

CM: Who is one person you want to make extremely proud?

ADB: I would really want to make my coach proud and my parents. They’ve been my number one supporters and it means a lot to me and my coach. He puts in the time and really helps me out and it would mean a lot if I made them proud this season and the rest of my 3 years of school.