Player of the Week: Aileen Garza



(DONNA) – Aileen Garza has been named our Player of the Week for the week of November 14th through November 19th.

Garza played a huge role for the Donna Bravettes Girls Basketball Team in this past weekend’s Border Brawl Tournament. The senior averaged 8 points per game for her team and helped lead them to a sixth place finish in the Gold Bracket of the tournament.

Garza sat down with Sports Editor John Cannon for a question and answer session.

JC: First of all. Congratulations Aileen for being named the Player of the Week. When you walked into this office with Coach Pedroza, she said most of the girls’ dread coming into Coach (Kevin) Kromer’s office. What is it that’s so bad about coming here? Is it normally a bad thing to come into his office?

AG: This is a good thing coming in here. I have had a lot of long talks with Coach Kromer and this has always been my little comfort zone. Most of the times when girls come in here, it’s because they are in trouble.

JC: How does it feel to receive this honor as Player of the Week?

AG: It feels really good. I have tried my best to become a leader for the team. I may not do as well everyday on the court as I would like to. But I definitely do try and I’m glad it paid off.

JC: Speaking of leadership. Last year you were in a great position to seal a playoff spot. But your team slipped up towards the end and as a result, Donna High saw their spot slip away. Coming into this year and as a senior, how bad did you want to avenge that bad experience and get back on the court?

AG: It was horrible what we went through last year. I wanted to remember last year so I can have it in my heart to motivate me this year. But I also kind of want to forget it and start a completely new season and only focus on that.

JC: There are some great teams in this district once again this year. If you thought last year was tough to get into the playoffs, what are your thoughts on this year?

AG: I feel it is going to be a lot harder to get into the postseason this year because there are some really good teams in it. But I feel we have the potential to win and clinch a spot.

JC: Coming into the season. Coach Kromer preached offense and really wanted to focus on that side of the ball. What are some of the things you and your teammates worked on in the offseason to improve?

AG: We focused a lot on our shot, the speed of the game and moving the ball as well.

JC: What do you like to do for fun?

AG: I am also in the school band and besides playing basketball, being in the band takes up a lot of my time.

JC: What instrument do you play in the school band?

AG: I play the Clarinet.

JC: What is your favorite song that you like to play with the band?

AG: The Cherokee War Chant.

JC: What is your pre-game ritual?

AG: I just like to picture myself playing in the game. Also I just relax and talk to my teammates.

JC: Do you have a pre-game meal you like to eat before a game?

AG: I don’t like anything heavy. I like to eat chicken though.

JC: Who would you say is your role model?

AG: My brother Danny Garza. I didn’t grow up with a dad and Danny was always my father figure. One day when he started playing basketball in the 9th grade, he started working with me and I was a 5th grader. He would spend every day outside with me and helped me work on my game.