Player of the Week – Esmeralda De Hoyos



(DONNA) — Esmeralda De Hoyos is a senior at Donna high and is a member of the girls’ wrestling team. De Hoyos had quite an impressive outing at this past weekend’s Lady Rattler Invitational as she won the 102-pound weight class. Also, De Hoyos was selected as MVP for her team.

De Hoyos was also chosen as our Player of the Week for her accomplishments and outstanding performance. De Hoyos sat down with reporter Clarissa Marichalar and had a question and answer session.

CM: First of all. How does it feel to be player of the week?

EDH: It feels so amazing and I was so shocked that I was chosen. I didn’t understand why, but thank you so much.

CM: What is something you like to eat before a meet?

EDH: I don’t really like to eat anything heavy. Just fruits and a smoothie it’s safe.

CM: What is something you do to get pumped up for a match?

EDH: I hop around on my feet and I’m always messing with my head gear. It calms me, yet gets the blood flowing.

CM: Can you tell me what inspired you to wrestle?

EDH: I’ve been wrestling for 3 years and what started everything was my cousins. They teased me and said I was too small and couldn’t be good. So that made me want to come out here and prove them wrong and I did.

CM: What is something you like to do aside from wrestling?

EDH: I like to play softball. I’m a 3 year varsity player and am also president of the NHS, an ambassador and I’m in UIL. So I love to do everything basically.

CM: You’re a very busy girl. How do you mange to balance everything and make time for each practice and study?

EDH: It was very hard at first. But I learned how to manage my time. I scheduled everything minute by minute and it got a little easier.

CM: If you were given the chance to wrestle or play softball at the next level, where would It be and why?

EDH: I actually have gotten offers to wrestle somewhere. But I don’t really know right now because of injuries. My knees are horrible, so I’m a little hesitant. But I think with more thought, I will probably take the offer.

CM: Who is someone you want to make proud and why?

EDH: It would have to be my mother. She has a lot of high expectations for me and I just want to meet all of them. I want to make her very proud and know that I do everything here because of her constant support and love.