Player of the Week: Eric Garza



(DONNA) – Sophomore Boys Basketball Player Eric Garza has been selected as the Player of the Week for the week of December 5th through December 10th.

Garza had quite the outing last Thursday afternoon as he scored a career high 24 points while leading Donna High to their first win of the season over Athlos at the C.E. Vail Basketball Tournament.

Garza sat down with Sports Reporter John Cannon for a question and answer session.

JC: Eric, congratulations on being named the Player of the Week. You scored 24 points in the win over Athlos last Thursday. How did it feel to have such an impact in that game?

EG: I was shocked because I have never scored that many points in a game. Half of them came from the free-throw line and lucky for me, I had been practicing free-throws for quite some time.

JC: What was it like to finally get in the win column?

EG: It felt real good to finally get that win and it proved that all the hard work paid off.

JC: What’s the biggest thing that Coach Epperson has brought to the table in his first year that makes you a better basketball player?

EG: He has brought different concepts to the table that will make us better basketball players. His conditioning program is very tough and we have been focusing more on shooting.

JC: Before a game, is there something you like to do to get pumped up?

EG: Not really. When we are on the bus, I just talk to my teammates.

JC: What do you like to do outside of basketball?

EG: I like to run and play in other sports.

JC: What other sports to you compete in besides basketball?

EG: I compete in Cross-Country.

JC:  Were you a part of the Boys Cross-Country Team that went to State?

EG: Yes I was.

JC: What was it like to be able to be a part of history with the Cross-Country Team?

EG: It felt really good because we wanted to compete at state really bad. Everything we worked for finally paid off and achieved our goal as a team.

JC: If you had to choose between basketball and cross-country, which would it be?

EG: I am not sure about that one. I enjoy both of them.

JG: Who would you say is your favorite professional athlete?

EG: Derrick Rose.

JG: If there’s one person or persons you really look up to. Who would it be and why?

EG: I look up to my family. They have supported me throughout my entire life and I truly thank them for that.