Young Bravettes Soccer Team Hoping Year Two is a Charm

2017 Girls High School Soccer Preview



(DONNA) –The motto for the Donna Bravettes Soccer Team in 2017 is simple…..”New year, new talent.”

When you look at the team, there is quite a variety of players. But to the surprise of many, the team is incredibly young.

And even though they are young, the Bravettes are really looking forward to making a change this season.

Last year, the girls faced a tough obstacle as they only won one game.

But this year, the girls are looking forward to changing that

“Honestly, I feel that this season will be better than the previous seasons because we have always had talent. But for one reason or another, it never really shows out on the field,” said Mersa.

“But this year, I am sure everyone will see the talent out on the field. Personally, I have a lot of goals I want to set this year. But the main thing I want to demonstrate to everyone is that there will be change in this team. Last season, we only won one game. But I know for a fact that this season, we are going to win more games than that”.

This season, the team is loaded with a ton of freshman.

But the thing is that these girls don’t play like freshman. You have girls like Debanhi Esparza who is one of the newcomers and she plays in leagues and club ball outside of school. So she will be a player to watch out for along with Mersa.

The girls have been working long and hard and are looking forward to becoming a strong force in their District. They want to make a change to their program and leave their mark on the field wherever they go.