Redskins Using Last Season’s Situation as Motivation Coming into 2017

2017 Boys High School Soccer Season Preview



(DONNA) — It’s a new season for soccer and all must be left behind in the past and to start all over from scratch.

You cannot let the previous season affect your new season and that is exactly what the Donna High boys’ soccer team plans to do.

Last year, the boys had a great season. But they would like to leave it in the past because at the end of it the season didn’t turn out as they would’ve expected it to.

Every team’s dream is to at least make it to playoffs. But unfortunately, this dream was crushed for the Redskins last year when they missed playoffs by one point.

However, they are using that exact scenario as motivation for this season.

“It’s like I told my players, I don’t think they want that to happen to them again,” said Donna head coach Mario Hernandez. “So they have been coming to practice and have been working really hard.”

Since the first day of practice began, the boys have been working long and hard hours in preparation for the upcoming season.

“We have been working on definition because last year, we had a lot of trouble putting the goals in,” said Hernandez. “This year, we are focusing on definition and are going to try to score as soon as possible. Our plan is not to make the same mistake as last year.”

Hernandez said that his philosophy is that only the strong survivors make it to the varsity squad and they must have one big thing in order to earn their spot.

“The first thing I look for in a potential varsity player is heart,” said Hernandez. “They need to have the heart to play and need to play for the team and as a team.”

This year’s team is loaded with juniors and seniors and should definitely pose a threat in their District because of the experience these players carry.

“This team has the ability to rise up to the occasion when the situation comes. I believe in these guys a lot and their ability to play,” said Gio.