Player of the Week: Joel Ramirez



(DONNA) — Joel Ramirez is a senior and a team captain for the Donna High Boys Basketball team.

This past week, Ramirez had a great week as he scored 18 points against Porter last Tuesday night and then turned around and scored 20 points against Donna North on Friday night.

For his great accomplishments, Ramirez has been named our Player of the Week for the week of January 2nd through January 7th.

Joel Ramirez sat down with sports reporter Claire Marichalar for a question and answer session.

CM: Congratulations Joel on being named the Redskin Player of the Week. How does it feel to receive this honor?

JR: It feels great. I work hard every single day and when that hard work gets recognized, it feels great.

CM: What is something you like to eat before a game?

JR: I don’t really like to eat before a game. If I do eat, it’s usually a protein bar just to get energy.

CM: What is something you like to do before a game to get you hyped?

JR: I have to listen to music. I like Kodak’s music and also like to watch basketball highlight clips.

CM: What is something you like to do besides basketball?

JR: I like to listen to music and hang out with friends. Also, I like to play street basketball.

CM: Who is one person you look up to on the team?

JR: I’d have to say my coaches. They push me to be the best and expect nothing less from me.

CM: If you could relive one game, which one would it be and why?

JR: It would have to be last year’s game against Mercedes. We beat them by a basket on a buzzer beater which was amazing. The crowd went wild and the gym was just crazy.

CM: If you were given the opportunity to play at the next level, where would it be and why?

JR: I’d have to say UTRGV because it’s at home and it’s a D1 school.

CM: Who is someone you look up to that plays in the NBA?

JR: Stephen Curry. I think when he gets on the court, he’s just outstanding.

CM: If you could make someone proud, who would it be and why?

JR: My mom and dad. They are able to give me everything I need and more. Without them, I wouldn’t be here and I make sure to play as hard as possible in this sport for them each and every night. I just want them to be extremely proud of me.