Bravettes Claim First Place at Donna Invitational Powerlifting Meet



(DONNA) – The Donna High Bravettes powerlifting team can honestly say they defended their house on Saturday.

Donna High had three first place finishers in their respective weight classes and nine members of the team finish in the top ten as well at the Donna Invitational Powerlifting Meet.

For their amazing accomplishments, the Bravettes took first place as a team in the girls division of the meet.

Yliana Beltran, Leena Salinas and Corina Yanez were the top finishers their team as they won their respective weight classes. Beltran finished the day with a 615 total to win the 105-pound weight class while her teammate Salinas won the 114-pound weight class with a total of 690.

Yanez, who was a state qualifier last year, took first in the 123-pound division thanks to a total score of 760.

On the boys’ side, the Redskins were led by Tyler Salazar who won the 114-pound weight division with a score of 945 points.

As a team, the Donna High boys finished the day with 13 points which was good enough for seventh overall.

Here are the results for the Donna High girls:

97-pound   Johanna Torres   6th (450 total)

105-pound   Yliana Beltran   1st (615 total)

114-pound   Leena Salinas   1st (690 total)

123-pound   Corina Yanez   1st (760 total)

132-pound   Karen Martinez   3rd (720 total)

132-pound   Destini Thomas   8th (645 total)

148-pound   Yvette Solis   14th (430 total)

165-pound   Arrianna Guerra   6th (700 total)

181-pound   Britany Garza   10th (500 total)

198-pound   Kaylee Lopez   2nd (745 total)

Here are the results for the Donna High boys:

114-pound   Tyler Salazar   1st (945 total)

132-pound   Marcus Yzaguirre   3rd (945 total)

148-pound   Marcos Chavez   6th (885 total)

181-pound   Juan Rojas   6th (1070 total)

181-pound   Gabriel Salinas   8th (1000 total)

198-pound   Hector Palencia   6th (1110 total)

198-pound   Isaac Rangel   7th (1070 total)

198-pound   Ryan Perales   9th (1030 total)

198-pound   Joe Ramirez   13th (890 total)

242-pound   Gus Silva   3rd (1475 total)

242-pound   Rogelio Rada   13th (1015 total)

275-pound   Fernando Mata   6th (1130 total)