Redskins Lose to Tigers in Penalty Kicks



(MERCEDES) — District play for the Redskins began on Tuesday night against the Mercedes Tigers.

Coming into Tiger Stadium, Head Coach Mario Hernandez was looking forward to obtaining their first win of the season.

But things wouldn’t turn out the way the team would’ve liked it to.

The first half of the game was back and forth between both teams as they attempted to score a goal. But the shots were either stopped by the goalie, kicked out the field, or would hit the top of the post.

Another factor was the wind as it seemed it was against both teams through the first half of the game.

The Redskins seemed to lose their momentum early in the second half of the game after the Tigers scored a goal on them to make it 1-0.

After the goal made by the Tigers, Donna High realized that they had to do something to get back in the game.

Donna High received a huge opportunity after the Tigers committed a foul inside their penalty box. For that, they were given an automatic penalty kick and Angel Ramirez came to the rescue as he sealed the ball right into the goal to tie the game up 1-1.

The game then proceeded to two 10-minute overtimes because the game cannot end in a tie.

Things started to get a little heated for both teams in the overtime period, especially for the Redskins as they lost two of their main players to a red card.

From that moment on, they had to play with only nine players out on the field.

And even though they only had nine players, Donna High gave Mercedes a run for their money. The Redskins managed to maintain a 1-1 tie in overtime which led to penalty kicks.

In penalty kicks, the Redskins did all that they possibly could.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to beat the Tigers as they fell 7-6 in penalty kicks.

The Redskins look to bounce back from their loss in their next game against Edcouch-Elsa on Friday night.