Bravettes Defeat Donna North for First Time in “City Clasico”



(DONNA) — On Tuesday night, the Donna High Bravettes Girls Soccer team took on Donna North in their 4th annual rivalry game.

And even though there were bragging rights in play, what mattered most to the Bravettes was getting those three necessary points needed to improve their record in district play.

The Lady Chiefs may have very well been hosting the contest and were hoping that home field advantage would work in their favor.

Nonetheless, the Bravettes were looking for that win and were about to do whatever it took to get it.

The atmosphere was loud and the stands were filled with fans from both Donna schools as for years now, this has become one of the greatest rivalry games.

The first half was very intense as both teams started off playing a fast pace game and kept it that way for 10 minutes by attacking aggressively on offense.

However, the ball was not going in for either team.

It wasn’t until the 32-minute mark that the Bravettes finally scored a goal as Fabiola Gomez received a beautiful assist from one of her teammates and took the opportunity to put the ball behind the net to take a 1-0 lead.

It wasn’t long after that the Lady Chiefs came out and started counter attacking and eventually tied the contest at one thanks to a shot on goal.

The Bravettes defense made up for their mistake by leading the ball up to their offense and a  minute after the Lady Chiefs scored their goal, they were able to respond as Gabrielle Campos knocked one in to end the 1st half while giving her team a 2-1 lead.

In the second half of the game, things remained a little bit calmer for the Bravettes as they only took two shots on goal.

As for the Lady Chiefs, they were attacking more offensively than in the first half.

But the Bravettes stayed tough and kept North scoreless the rest of the way to preserve the win. .

This was the first time since the rivalry started that the Bravettes beat the Lady Chiefs which is something head coach Francisco Fatacati was elated to see.

“Right now, my heart is still pounding and I still feel the adrenaline from this game,” said Fataciti. “Obviously taking the win is important to us and the three points is big as well.”

“But it’s more important because there is a lot of pride involved in this game. It’s a rivalry and it’s the “clasico” of the city and this time, it was our turn to win. We have played Donna North for four years and this is the first time that we beat them. It’s something really important for us and the girls came out and played with all of their hearts.”