Salazar Captures First Place in 123-Pound Division for Third Time this Year



(HIDALGO) – In three powerlifting meets this year, Tyler Salazar has finished in first place in two of them and took second in the other one.

Coming into Saturday’s Border Classic, Salazar’s goal was to walk out of there with his third gold medal of the season.

When all was said and done, Salazar made that goal become a reality by winning the 123-pound weight class after hitting a season high total of 1000.

Salazar was head and shoulders the top lifter in his weight class as he defeated Mark Ortega of Mercedes, who ended up taking second in the 123-pound division, by 105 pounds to win it.

Salazar led the Redskins to a sixth place finish with a total of 16 points.

Leena Salinas was the top finisher on the girls’ side as she took first in the 114-pound weight division with a total score of 740.

The Bravettes finished the meet in seventh place overall with a 14-point total.

Here are the results for the Donna High girls:

114-pound   Leena Salinas   1st (740 total)

148-pound   Yvette Solis   10th (490 total)

181-pound   Brittany Garza   4th (660 total)

198-pound   Kaylee Lopez   2nd (750 total)

198-pound   Rachel Canche   6th (550 total)

Here are the results for the Donna High boys:

123-pound   Tyler Salazar   1st (1000 total)

148-pound   Marcus Ysaguirre   5th (985 total)

165-pound   Jesse Hernandez   4th (965 total)

181-pound   Juan Rojas   2nd (1110 total)

181-pound   Gabriel Salinas   6th (990 total)

181-pound   Jose Guzman   7th (915 total)

198-pound   Hector Palencia   8th (1130 total)

198-pound   Jay P. Sandoval   12th (960 total)

275-pound   Fernando Mata   5th (1080 total)