Player of the Week: Tyler Salazar



(DONNA) – Donna High powerlifter Tyler Salazar has been selected as the Player of the Week for the week of February 20th through February 25th

Like he has done all year, Salazar put together another solid performance in the world of powerlifting as he placed second and hit a PR in the 123-pound weight class at the Valley View Boys Qualifier last week.

Salazar sat down with Sports Editor John Cannon for a question and answer session.

JC: Congratulations on being named the Player of the Week. You have really taken the powerlifting world by storm this year and have gone home with medals in each and every meet. What has been the key to your success?

TS: I felt like I learned a lot last year and that has helped tremendously. I felt like last year it was all mental and usually I would go up to the bar and thought I couldn’t do a lot. But then I put my mind into it and went up to the bar doing what I knew to do best and that was just to pull.

JC: Was it a big difference jumping from the 114-pound weight class to the 123-pound division?

TS: It was. Actually I was under a lot of pressure deciding if I should stay at 114 and debated getting out of powerlifting. I felt that they were going to force me to stay at 114. But we were able to make it work out and now I am at 123.

JC: Do you feel more comfortable at 123?

TS: Actually, I would have dominated at 114 and would have definitely won a medal at state.

JC: What made you move up to 123?

TS: It felt like my body was getting heavier and I was growing as well.

JC: What made you get into powerlifting?

TS: At the end of sixth grade, I came to work out and would always see the powerlifters work out. And one day when I was working out, some people approached me and said, “Tyler, we have seen you working out here since the seventh grade. Do you want to try powerlifting and I said yes.”

JC: What other sports do you participate in?

TS: Tennis.

JC: Of the two sports, which is your favorite?

TS: Powerlifting.

JC: Before a meet, what do you do to get pumped up?

TS: I hear music and rest.

JC: What kind of music do you listen to?

TS: I listen to a lot of classic rock and some of the new stuff as well.

JC: Is there one song that gets you fired up?

TS: Do it Myself by Russ.

JC: What are your future goals in the sport?

TS: I want to win state  and would like to receive a scholarship to lift in college.