Player of the Week: Melanie Arenas



(DONNA) – Donna High Track and Field athlete Melanie Arenas has been selected as the Player of the Week for the week of March 27th through March 31st.

Arenas had quite the meet this past Friday as she placed in three events at the Yellowjacket Relays at Edcouch-Elsa. Arenas placed fifth in the High Jump, third in the Triple Jump and fourth in the 110-Meter Hurdles.

Arenas sat down with Sports Editor John Cannon for a question and answer session.

JC: Congratulations on being named the Player of the Week. You have been the true definition of an all-around athlete as you competed in Volleyball, Basketball and Track and Field. Literally you have gone straight from one sport to the other. How do you manage school, playing in year around sports and doing your homework as well?

MA: After every practice, I go home and start right on my homework if I have any. I usually don’t so that’s how I am able to balance sports and academics.

JC: This past weekend at the Yellowjacket relays, you did really well by placing in three events. Out of all of the events you compete in, which ones are your strength?

MA: In the field events, I just started the Triple Jump this past Friday and ended up hitting a PR and was able to beat Jacky Flores of Mercedes who is really good in the event. As for the running events, it would be the 300-Meter Hurdles.

JC: With the district track meet coming up, what are your goals for those two events you mentioned?

MA: I want to win district in both of them.

JC: Knowing you are a senior and that the end is truly near after Track and Field, what are your feelings?

MA: I am sad because I am going to miss a lot of these girls that I have played alongside in Basketball and Volleyball or competed in Track and Field with as well.

JC: You are leaving behind a legacy in the sport of Volleyball as you broke the kills’ record for the school. Knowing you accomplished that feat, how does it feel?

MA: It’s an honor and I appreciate everything that I accomplished. But I want to leave that record there for the younger kids who are trying to be just like me and play like me as well. That record encourages them to do even better and to try and beat what I did in the sport of volleyball. I always get messages from others asking me for advice on how to improve their game. I give them advice and hope that one day they can be in my shoes and possibly break the record so they know how it feels.

JC: Out of all three sports you compete in, which one is your favorite?

MA: Volleyball because it’s my favorite sport.

JC: You had offers to go to college and at first, you were a little unsure about going. Now you decided to finally go and made the choice to play volleyball at Laredo Community College. What made you change your mind?

MA: I wanted to show others that they can receive the same opportunity that I did by getting a few offers and then finally making a decision on which college to go to. Also, I wanted to start somewhere while building myself up as well.

JC: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

MA: I hope to be playing in the Olympics in Volleyball and also I want to be a Nurse.