Co-Players of the Week – Forrest Jones & Jeremy Ramirez



(DONNA) – Donna High baseball players Forrest Jones and Jeremy Ramirez have selected as the Co-Players of the Week for the week of April 24th through April 29th.

Jones and Ramirez played a huge role in helping the Redskins clinch a playoff spot last week for the first time since 2003. In fact, the two Redskins baseball players put together a tremendous showing in their hard fought loss to Brownsville Veterans last Tuesday night.

Jones and Ramirez sat down with Sports Editor John Cannon for a question and answer session.

JC: Congratulations guys on becoming the Co-Players of the Week. Going into this season, a lot of people didn’t see you getting into the playoffs this year. As a senior, how did it make you feel?

FJ: It didn’t really bother me too much because in the past couple of years we have been in the same spot and heard the very same thing. But slowly we have been working our way up and this year was our year to finally break through. I knew we had it in us and finally were able to made it to the playoffs this year.

JC: You guys got hot after that Brownsville Veterans game in the first round when you almost pulled off an upset. What was it about that game that caused you to go on a win streak?

JR: We just knew that our backs were against the wall and knew what had to be done. If we had lost another game, then it would put us in a tougher position. So we got hot and now we are here and in the playoffs.

JC: When you hear the words “Donna High Baseball is in the playoffs. What goes through your mind?

FJ: It’s hard to describe. It’s something I have always dreamed of even before I ever came to high school. When I was playing summer ball and in middle school, this is something I have always wanted to happen and now it’s finally here.

JC: To walk through the school and know you brought that tradition back to Donna High baseball. What is that like?

JR: Man it feels great. It’s an amazing feeling walking through the halls and getting attention from the school and the staff.

JC: Coming into the playoffs you guys have to face Mission Vets in the first round. They are state ranked and have players that have signed to play at the next level and people are saying you don’t have a chance. What do you have to say about that?

FJ: Something I have noticed is when we play better teams, we seem to step up our play even more and I think that will be the case against Mission Vets.

JC: Do you feel playing the teams in your district helped you guys prepare for this game?

JR: Those teams helped us a lot. Edcouch-Elsa is a great team and Brownsville Veterans was a powerhouse at the 6A level and then came into 5A and played well. So if we can put up a fight with teams like that in our district, then we should be able to fare well against a team like Mission Veterans.

JC: How does it feel to get one more home game here at Donna High?

FJ: I think it’s awesome because I will remember this game for the rest of my life no matter the outcome. In my eyes, the atmosphere is definitely going to make it memorable.

JC: What is it going to take to upset Mission Vets?

JR: We need to give it all we got and have to together a complete team effort.

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  1. The coaching of these two players and all the team has the Mighty Redskins in the right place and at the right time READY to upset any & every team that they play against. The team has my complete confidence on them to give this playoff run their BEST TEAM EFFORT and get some hard earned VICTORIES

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