Epperson Using Redskins Basketball Camp to Build Program


RGV Athletes.com

(DONNA) – Coming into his second year with the boys’ basketball program at Donna High, Manuel Epperson is looking to continue to build his program literally from the ground up.

“In my first year with the program, we went through a major youth movement at the varsity level,” said Epperson. “We were loaded with underclassmen and knew that the first year was going to deal with a lot of growing and learning.”

With that said, Epperson is making sure to get hands on with all of the basketball programs from the lower levels all the way to the incoming varsity players.

And over the next three days, Epperson will have a very good chance to personally work hands on with a variety of age groups at the Donna Redskins Basketball Camp.

“This is the perfect opportunity to work with kids ranging from incoming third graders all the way to incoming ninth grade students,” said Epperson. “And from Monday through Wednesday, we are going to try and go over as much as possible while not trying to overdo it.”

Epperson has broken up the camp into two groups and talks about what each group will focus on.

“I have the third graders through the sixth graders together in one group and then the seventh, eighth and ninth graders in another one,” said Epperson. “With the younger group, we are working on the fundamentals of the game such as passing, squaring up and shooting form as well. But the most important thing I want them to do is have fun.”

“As for the older group, we are working on more running and conditioning. Also we are concentrating on shooting and some proper mechanics. Then we are putting together scrimmages so they can get some live action against each other.”

With basketball becoming a sport which is played more than just in the season, Epperson is making sure to get his kids more active in it.

“It’s true that basketball is being played more than just in a school setting,” said Epperson.”There are outside leagues that play the sport year around and I feel that it’s a good thing.”

“It helps build team character as well as improving their overall game. I encourage my kids to get involved in these leagues and also to participate in this camp so they can become better athletes and better team players as well.”